Empowered Water

Get safe, clean surfaces using Denco's Empowered Water Solutions

Designed to replace all cleaning and disinfecting solutions, Denco Empowered Water Solutions are completely safe to be used on any surface. Our EPA recognized, hospital-grade solutions are non-toxic, kills viruses including COVID-19, bacteria, fungus, and mold and are extremely effective at creating a healthy environment.

Using technology developed by NASA, Empowered Air Solutions is an air-purification system that:


• Destroys pathogens by safely oxidizing them into benign substances 

• Can be retrofit to existing HVAC systems and available in free-standing units for smaller spaces

Empowered Air

Get safe, clean air using Denco's Empowered Air Solutions

Denco Empowered Air© systems eliminate airborne pollutants, pathogens, and other harmful particles in the air, including COVID-19. Without the need to change filters, germs are eliminated by a non-toxic oxidation process (called Photocatalytic Oxidation - PCO) which makes toxic airborne substances completely benign. 


• Schools & Offices

• Hospitals & Labs

• Manufacturing
• Industrial

• Retail & Residential

• Distribution Centers


Please reach out with any questions or interest, we're happy to talk about this fantastic solution to keeping people safe from virus and pathogens, without using harsh chemicals. 

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About Denco

When the Coronavirus emerged as a pandemic in early 2020, Denco Environmental Solutions, a subsidiary of Denco Energy Management, set out to use our 50+ years of experience in building engineering and operations to come up with a means by which to safeguard building occupants. And that is by disinfecting and sanitizing facilities effectively and continuously against COVID-19 and other pathogens, while being affordable and simple to apply. After a lot of research, we at Denco have come up with two technologies that offer this comprehensive coverage. It involves a two-prong approach, on both surfaces and in the air, that will eliminate Coronavirus and other pathogens, VOC's and allergens in a safe, non-toxic, non-caustic method. 

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