Keep your business space virus-free with Denco's Empowered Solutions.

Safely sanitize the air & surfaces of any indoor environment.

Denco Environmental Solutions is offering two state-of-the-art technologies – Empowered Water© & Empowered Air© – to safely sanitize the surfaces and air of any facility.
Surpassing CDC guidelines, we offer a 1-2 punch to knock out pathogens in any environment. 

   • Schools & Offices

   • Hospitals & Labs 

   • Manufacturing & Industrial

   • Retail, Restaurants & Gyms

Queens Chamber of Commerce Members receive a 10% discount on equipment.

For Clean Surfaces

Get safe, clean surfaces using Denco's Empowered Water Solutions

The Empowered Water unit produces two non-toxic solutions for surface cleaning & disinfection:


• A strong sanitizer applied via electrostatic fog sprayer that kills germs on contact 

• A powerful, no-rinse non-toxic solution applied with spray bottles and wiped with standard cloths 

Designed to replace all cleaning and disinfecting solutions, Denco Empowered Water Solutions are completely safe to be used on any surface. Our EPA recognized, hospital-grade solutions are non-toxic, kills bacteria, fungus, mold and virus, including COVID-19 and are extremely effective at creating a healthy environment.

Denco Empowered Water Solutions are created via a proprietary process of combining Water, Salt, & Electricity on demand (electrolyzed water). It is even safe enough to be administered during hours of operation.

Denco offers the unit that produces the non-toxic solutions on premise due to its limited shelf life of about 30 days. The unit comes in various sizes, accommodating any size facility. By making it on site, the costs of producing Empowered Water is less than $.01 per gallon after the initial cost of the equipment. We provide turnkey installation, complete with salt, electrostatic fogger, spray bottles, service contract, commissioning and training. Financing is available for qualified purchasers and the equipment can be delivered and installed within a very short time to get your business up and running safely.
Empowered Water

For Clean Air

Get safe, clean air using Denco's Empowered Air Solutions

Using a revolutionary technology developed by NASA, Empowered Air Solutions is an air-purification system that:


• Destroys pathogens by safely oxidizing them into benign substances 

• Can be retrofit to existing HVAC systems and available in free-standing units for smaller spaces

Denco Empowered Air© systems eliminate airborne pollutants, pathogens, and other harmful particles in the air, including COVID-19. Without the need to change filters, germs are eliminated by a non-toxic oxidation process (called Photocatalytic Oxidation - PCO) which makes toxic airborne substances completely benign. 

While some air cleaning applications simply filter the air and trap pollutants, photocatalytic oxidation breaks down these airborne contaminants, greatly reducing particles responsible for poor air quality.

Our systems have been installed in schools, hospitals, offices, commercial properties and municipalities to safely sterilize high-touch surfaces and vastly improve indoor air quality.

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About Us

Business with a Social Conscience.®
When the Coronavirus emerged as a pandemic in early 2020, we at Denco Environmental Solutions, a subsidiary of Denco Energy Management, set out to use our 50 plus years' experience in building engineering and operations to come up with a means by which to safeguard building occupants. And that is by disinfecting and sanitizing facilities effectively and continuously against COVID-19 and other pathogens, while being affordable and simple to apply. It took a lot of research, but we at Denco have come up with two technologies that offer this comprehensive coverage. It involves a two-prong approach, on both surfaces and in the air, that will eliminate Coronavirus and other pathogens, VOC's and allergens in a safe, non-toxic, non-caustic method.